Here at Record we have cultivated a collaborative working environment. We strive to work as one team, with our collective expertise coming together to provide the best solutions for clients. An intellectually stimulating environment ensures that we fully understand the opportunities and processes that our clients seek to exploit. Having an environment that people enjoy working in brings the best out of individuals and the wider team.

With our small teams, you are given real responsibility at all stages of your career and you can have a real impact on the business. We are ‘contribution-focused’, which means that we promote, reward and recognise people based on their contribution. Contribution is very visible and so hard work and meaningful output is recognised. There is an inclusive culture, utilising everyone’s individual knowledge, skills and experience to contribute to the service we provide to our clients. Working in an open plan office and having flexible working arrangements are examples of how we like to work.

Around the Office

We take pride in looking after our colleagues and creating a working environment that people like to be part of. Working should always be an experience that we enjoy and are challenged by and the culture of the firm plays an integral part in this.

Record Events

We have regular after work events, such as pool and table tennis tournaments, dinners, drinks, runs and many events involving food!