School Leavers

If you are studying at school or at Sixth Form College you might be considering whether to start your career or go to University. At Record we have opportunities for you if you are interested in embarking on a career in financial services, including apprenticeship opportunities. In the past we have offered apprenticeships in Accounting and HR, which include the opportunity to study a professional qualification through day release at a local college.

We are a member of Investment2020, which is an initiative aimed at bringing talented individuals into the asset management industry. All of our recent school, college and university joiners are part of the Investment2020 trainee network and can participate in many industry events. You can find out more here: Investment 2020.

We often speak with students at local schools and colleges about the finance and asset management industry and the career opportunities that there are. A recent example was with Langley Grammar School.

If you would like to inquire about apprenticeship and entry-level opportunities, please send us an email at telling us about yourself and with your CV attached.

Harry Holdaway

Apprentice Accountant

Before joining Record I was studying for my A levels and working part time. On completion of my A-levels, I decided to go into an apprenticeship to complete the AAT Levels 3 and 4 with the main aim of completing the Association of Chartered Accountants (ACA) qualification. This led me to Record. As an apprentice accountant I have been given a wide range of opportunities and have seen many of the accounting functions that take place within our finance team. Straight away I was given key responsibilities and instantly felt like a valued member of the team.

Coming to Record with virtually no accountancy experience, I quickly built my professional knowledge thanks to the help and training provided by my team. Whilst being very supportive of my AAT courses, Record have also offered other beneficial courses (e.g. Excel courses); with the support I am getting from Record I feel I can develop as far as I want to. The work level at Record can vary greatly and this requires you to work well within your team, and ensure you are planning ahead. I often find myself getting to work on new tasks – I cannot express enough how valuable this has been to my learning as I find myself assisting in many accounting functions which will only develop my experience further.