Playing our part in building a sustainable future.

Read our Sustainability Report 2020/2021

Our philosophy

At Record, we view sustainable investment and business practices as being key to successful, resilient and prudent investment management. We are committed to becoming sustainability leaders and will align this objective with the interests of all our stakeholders, helping our business develop and grow. Our sustainability focus is core to our culture, corporate responsibility and wider community engagement - positioned firmly at the centre of our business priorities.

“Our strategy is focused on accelerating sustainable growth, planning for generational change and delivering added-value for all of our stakeholders. Sustainability is central to fortifying business resilience and growth”.

Leslie Hill
Chief Executive Officer

Record’s Sustainability Office

Record’s Sustainability Office is made up of two bodies:

  1. Senior Sustainability Office
  2. Sustainability Committee

Our sustainability Committee is comprised of officer roles whose responsibilities cover key areas of sustainability that we have identified as being a priority.

Responsible investment

Record has identified responsible investment as an essential prerequisite to successful, resilient and prudent investment management. Consideration of ESG factors within investment strategy was a natural extension of our corporate philosophy, which continues to inform strategy development and perception of risk factors. 

Record has been pioneering strategy research into currency and bond investment with impact. Read more below.

Responsible Investment Policy

Sustainable Finance

Climate Action

Since 2007, Record has been certified as CarbonNeutral® in accordance with the CarbonNeutral Protocol, the leading framework for carbon neutrality. This means we have been purchasing carbon offsets to deliver immediate emissions reductions through sustainable development and renewable energy projects for 14 years. 

We understand there is an urgent need for further climate action and we have made a commitment to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Paris Agreement and become net-zero by 2050 or sooner.

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