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Alt Credit: Making the swap

Date 09/01/2019

Should private debt firms be looking at foreign exchange hedging?  “There are three major categories of currency hedging strategies: those using...

FT: Why have Emerging Market Currencies performed better than expected?

Date 14/12/2018

A large number of developing world currency investors have made a return, this goes against the JPMorgan Emerging Markets Currency Index...

IPE: Could the derivatives sector be most at risk from Brexit?

Date 12/12/2018

Regulators and experts have acknowledged that there are 15 issues that will have an immediate effect on the market if...

Profit & Loss: Emerging Market Predictions

Date 16/11/2018

Should we be careful when looking to invest in Emerging Market?  James Mackenzie Smith, Director at Record Currency Management debates...

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P&I: Implications of new clearing regulations
Date 09/01/2017

New European Market Infrastructure Regulations on the central clearing of derivatives trades...

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