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P&I: Case for stand-alone hedging programs for UK pension funds

Date 29/05/2017 |

There are now a number of compelling arguments as to why UK pension funds should be hedging currency through a...

IPE: Factor-based investing in currencies

Date 02/05/2017 |

Greater volatility in foreign exchange markets, driven by deviating international interest rate policy, has investors increasingly thinking about currency risk. Consequently, investments in risk...

Euromoney: CLS offers netting in FX

Date 31/03/2017 |

CLS Group has begun creating a payment netting service which will be open to all FX market participants. This service...

Professional Pensions: Currency hedging considerations

Date 23/01/2017 |

Further volatility and depreciation of Sterling could cause even more pain for statically hedged investors. With Sterling approximately 37% lower...

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