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Funds Europe: Contrarian Investing with Smart Beta

Date 01/06/2017

Contrarian Investing or investing against the prevailing market sentiment could add value for smart beta strategies. However, some investors are doubtful...

P&I: Could the strength of the US Dollar make investors re-examine US credit?

Date 30/05/2017

The strength of the US dollar and reduced quality of US debt, as well as a widening spread in rates...

P&I: Case for stand-alone hedging programs for UK pension funds

Date 29/05/2017

There are now a number of compelling arguments as to why UK pension funds should be hedging currency through a...

IPE: Factor-based investing in currencies

Date 02/05/2017

Greater volatility in foreign exchange markets, driven by deviating international interest rate policy, has investors increasingly thinking about currency risk. Consequently, investments in risk...

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