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European Pensions: Currency hedging back on the agenda

Date 05/12/2017 |

Due to the strength of the Euro and the divergence of monetary policy, currency hedging is back on the agenda...

Risk: Delays to margining due to uncertainty

Date 23/11/2017 |

Plans to start margining before the 3rd of January have been put on hold by many companies whilst they await a...

IPE: Currency market opportunities

Date 03/11/2017 |

A cautious start is predicted to 2018 by investors in foreign exchange markets, due to insecurities following Brexit and Trump’s...

IPE: What is the value of the Swedish Krona?

Date 03/11/2017 |

A time of high productivity and low consumer pricing has inflated the value of the Swedish Krona, so why is...

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