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Business Insider UK: Market instability causes fund to re-examine currency hedging

Date 06/02/2018 |

During the last week, increased volatility in the currency market has driven some investors to consider hedging.  James Wood-Collins, Chief Executive of...

Euromoney: Steering your way through the currency markets

Date 06/02/2018 |

Whilst the currency markets have been static during 2017 questions remain as to how stable they will remain.  James Wood-Collins, Chief... FCA says implementation of variation margining for forwards can stop

Date 13/12/2017 |

The UK regulator announced on December 7 that buy-side firms will not be required to put in place processes to...

Professional Pensions: Possible exemption from margining rules for FX forwards

Date 12/12/2017 |

New variation margin rules that had been due to come in to force on the 3rd of January 2018 may...

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