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Pensions Age: Brexit and the tumbling pound

Date 18/09/2018

With fears growing that there could be a no-deal Brexit, sterling has fallen having been on a downward spiral since...

Seeking Alpha: What are the signals behind dynamic currency overlay?

Date 14/09/2018

For years, Record has been researching the fundamental factors in currency which can be utilised to generate a return; carry,...

FX Week: Have the recent measures for transparency gone far enough?

Date 02/08/2018

James Wood-Collins, Chief Executive of Record Currency Management, suggests that additional disclosure is needed on foreign exchange practices particularly around...

Fund Europe: Emerging markets – what should you be looking out for?

Date 17/07/2018

Currency devaluations in emerging markets could be distracting investors from the broader opportunities of the asset class.  Andrew Bloomfield, Associate...

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