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G4 vs Emerging Markets: where are we in the economic cycle?

Date 20/03/2018 | Jeremy Chalder, CFA

In 2017, we saw a broad-based cyclical upswing in global growth, driven in part by emerging economies. After nearly a...

Turkey’s External Accounts: a health check

Date 08/03/2018 | Joe Spearing

The Turkish lira was one of the more volatile currencies in 2017. High inflation, a central bank apparently hobbled by...

Terminating NAFTA: What would the impact on Canada be?

Date 29/01/2018 | Joe Spearing

As NAFTA negotiations become increasingly fraught, the risk of a complete termination by US President Donald Trump is increasing The...

International borrowing and the US dollar

Date 22/01/2018 | Andrew Bloomfield, CFA

Some market participants are worried about the ever rising market value of US borrowing vis-à-vis the rest of the world...

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