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Turkey’s Currency Crisis Series: Part two (of two) – What next for the Turkish lira?

Date 12/10/2018 | | by Canberk Yalcin

Previous EM currency sell-offs of similar magnitudes often yielded high currency returns in subsequent years. Based on valuations, historical data...

Turkey’s Currency Crisis Series: Part one (of two) – The impact on the Turkish Economy

Date 10/10/2018 | | by Canberk Yalcin

The Turkish lira came to the forefront of investor attention in August 2018, having at one stage depreciated more than...

A framework for assessing the outlook for EM currencies

Date 31/08/2018 | | by Joe Spearing

The case for investing in emerging market currencies remains strong, despite the recent volatility. A combination of rising US rates,...

Sky-high equity valuations here to stay?

Date 29/05/2018 | | by Jeremy Chalder, CFA

After a steep rally at the beginning of the year, followed by weeks of market turmoil, some investors are increasingly...

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