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Crisis-proof currency exposures

Date 05/06/2019 | Andrew Bloomfield, CFA

The increased nervousness among market participants over the past week is palpable. The prospect of an expanding trade war is...

Swedish Krona Outlook

Date 03/04/2019 | Canberk Yalcin

he Swedish krona had a tough start to the year having depreciated over 5% against a basket of G4 currencies....

Insights from Central Banks’ FX Turnover Data

Date 14/03/2019 | Canberk Yalcin

FX turnover data, published by the central banks of six main FX jurisdictions, provides useful information on the size and...

Trade, Trump and stability of the Chinese yuan

Date 05/03/2019 | Andrew Bloomfield, CFA

The concept of stability in the Chinese currency has been of great interest to investors, especially since the introduction of...

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