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Modern Monetary Theory (MMT)

Date 04/02/2020 | | by Aaron Cantrell

Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) is a political reaction to the constraints and costs of private financing for public spending. It...

Money Market Stress and FX Spillovers

Date 18/10/2019 | | by Andrew Bloomfield, CFA

September 2019 was a volatile month for US money markets as a confluence of events caused sudden shortages of excess...

Canadian elections highlighting the risk of consensus views

Date 17/10/2019 | | by John Floyd

The Canadian economy has been growing at a moderate pace however household debt has reached historical highs, raising the question...

ESG and Currency

Date 11/09/2019 | | by Canberk Yalcin

Co-authored with Aaron Cantrell. This article first appeared on The advancement of ESG data access and analysis gives investors...

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