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FX as a source of return: Is now the time to look again?

Date 20/10/2020 | Torrie Callander, CFA

The global trend towards lower interest rates, exacerbated by the COVID-19 crisis, has led to an environment of suppressed yields...

RUB – A good entry point? (4 minute read)

Date 02/10/2020 | Canberk Yalcin

Summary: The Russian rouble has been a significant underperformer in EM FX over the course of last 10 days Our...

Dollar Dominance in the Age of COVID

Date 21/07/2020

his article was co-authored with Dominique Dwor-Frecaut (bio below). This article can also be found on the Macro Hive platform here. Macro...

COVID-19 and Currency Risk

Date 20/07/2020

From 2008 to COVID-19, currency market volatility trended down. Volatility was elevated in 2015-2017 after its 2014 record low (measured...

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