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Asian “Currency Manipulation” : Mainly a US Concern ?

Date 29/10/2015 | Andrew Bloomfield, CFA

The US has had a long standing concern about what it perceives to be excessive “currency manipulation” on the part...

SNB vs CNB : Currency Interventions

Date 07/09/2015 | Andrew Bloomfield, CFA

The economic rationale for entering, and ultimately exiting a regime of exchange rate interventions is markedly different for the Czech...

Agreekment: Mapping out the flows

Date 14/07/2015 | Andrew Bloomfield, CFA

The initial details of the bail-out suggest that over the next three years, Greece’s hard-line creditors could be largely ‘paid-off’,...

German “losses”under a full Grexit scenario: a counterfactual exercise

Date 09/07/2015 | Andrew Bloomfield, CFA

The perceived direct financial cost of a Grexit for Germany is ultimately not the real cost. Both in terms of...

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