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China: macro myth-busting

Date 15/12/2015 | Andrew Bloomfield, CFA

In this blog post we offer our thoughts on three strategically important questions regarding China’s macroeconomic and FX policy, for...

Labour Share of GDP and the Balassa-Samuelson Effect

Date 11/12/2015 | Andrew Bloomfield, CFA

The labour share of GDP appears to be an important catalyst in the workings of the Balassa-Samuelson effect. Understanding it...

Swiss Interest Rates: Lower for Longer ?

Date 07/12/2015 | Andrew Bloomfield, CFA

Has the SNB reached the Zero Lower Bound? After last week’s ECB deposit rate cut, we assess the likelihood of...

Japan’s Current Account: Out of the Red, Safely into the Black?

Date 03/11/2015 | Andrew Bloomfield, CFA

A combination of lower oil prices and the weak Yen have helped restore the trade balance to health but a...

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