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EM growth vs. capital flows

Date 19/04/2016 | Andrew Bloomfield, CFA

Growth outperformance matters in EM over the long run, but capital flows drive short run returns in the asset class....

What next if negative rates fail

Date 18/02/2016 | Andrew Bloomfield, CFA

In response to almost a decade of QE and with little discernible effect, central bankers have now resorted to negative...

How tight is the Copper market? Implications for Chile

Date 05/02/2016 | Joe Spearing

A large part of the story of emerging market currencies over the last year is the impact of commodity price...

Chinese currency decoupling

Date 26/01/2016 | Andrew Bloomfield, CFA

 Does the recent weakness and volatility in the CNH spot and short-tenor forward market herald a new era of Chinese...

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