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The Carry Trade in Commodities: what is it?

Date 28/07/2016 | | by Joe Spearing

Carry exists across all asset classes as compensation paid to speculators for assuming market risk. We argue that, as in...

JPY: Has Japan lost the Currency War?

Date 15/06/2016 | | by Joe Spearing

The currency war “truce” at the G20 meeting in February of this year has effectively placed political pressure on Japan...

Masters of their own fate: Explaining the Swiss Franc Strength, 2011-2015

Date 11/05/2016 | | by Andrew Bloomfield, CFA

Did safe haven flows drive an ever appreciating Swiss Franc in the run up to January 2015? The data reveal...

Market Volatility: the Brexit Premium

Date 27/04/2016 | | by Joe Spearing

The uncertainty associated with the outcome of the referendum on Britain’s EU membership is already affecting financial markets and the...

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