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Czech that out ! A story foretold in FX markets

Date 06/04/2017 | Andrew Bloomfield, CFA

We assess the implications of the removal of the CZK to EUR peg on April 6 2017 and what this...

The dilemmas of Pravin Gordhan

Date 24/02/2017 | Joe Spearing

On 22nd February, Finance minister Gordhan presented his annual budget to the national assembly. Gordhan faced a painful trade-off between...

What works to produce sustainable returns in currency?

Date 08/02/2017 | Joe Spearing

• Strategies for earning sustainable return in currency are more nuanced than in equities or bonds due to the absence...

Turkey’s Current Account: rebalancing at last?

Date 17/01/2017 | Joe Spearing

11th January saw data on Turkey’s November current account released The drop off in the trade balance can be largely...

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