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Why the U.S. labour market is not as tight as it looks

Date 12/06/2017 | | by Jeremy Chalder, CFA

From a tightening labour market to inflation acceleration – how far left to go for the U.S. economy? Since the...

The UK General Election result: what does it mean?

Date 09/06/2017 | | by Joe Spearing

The UK general election concluded with the shock result of a hung parliament, with the Conservatives the largest party. High...

When does the ECB run out of bonds to buy?

Date 15/05/2017 | | by Andrew Bloomfield, CFA

If the self-imposed constraints of the ECB’s quantitative easing programme are respected, we estimate that the ECB will run out...

CZK and CHF: a tale of two currency markets

Date 13/04/2017 | | by Joe Spearing

On 6th April, the Czech National Bank (CNB) announced an end to their currency floor The market reaction was muted...

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