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Could sustainable finance be key to unlocking world reserve currency status for the euro?

Date 24/03/2021 | Katy

Authored by Montana Craven, ESG Intern Introduction The euro is yet to convince the world that it could be a...

Emerging Markets FX: The Framework of Opportunity

Date 26/01/2021 | Torrie Callander, CFA

Emerging Market (EM) currencies have already regained much of the ground lost in H1 2020. We therefore expect a more...

Venezuela: a monetary experiment worth watching

Date 08/12/2020 | Andrew Bloomfield, CFA

The Venezuelan government recently announced a de facto 95% devaluation of the bolivar and in the process pegged it to...

We’ll have a (not so) Blue Christmas without you, Trump

Date 23/11/2020 | Katy

Summary In the quiet after the storm, this blog post hopes to take stock of what happened in the US...

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