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Opportunity Areas

Our internship opportunities tend to be focused on our Research, Investment and Client Teams, with students favouring either a quantitative or a fundamental internship based on their studies and interests. Please look below to find out more about the departments we typically offer internships in.

Since we began the internship programme in 2008,
37% of interns have been employed by Record afterwards.

In our 2019 summer internship programme, 75% of interns were made an offer of employment.


The people at Record show a real passion for the firm and their careers with us. We want to share this with you to give you a personal insight into life at Record.

Read first-hand experiences from our team members, information about past projects and the pathway to careers at Record.


Katy Husband
Sustainability Officer. Graduated from the University of Oxford with a BA in Economics and History.

“My internship at Record was the perfect start to my career. I gained invaluable experience into the world of finance and was able to apply my degree to my research project on how to measure productivity in the context of the Balassa-Samuelson effect. I used regression analysis to compare different productivity measures, and had the opportunity to present my evaluation of their pros and cons at the end to senior management. I was also able to benefit from the mentorship of the Research team, who taught me not only how to conduct market analysis, but also key practical skills like how to use excel and handle data. The culture and people at Record especially stood out as everyone in the company was so friendly and welcoming. Most of all I gained the confidence to continue a career in finance, and accepted a full-time job in the Research team after I completed my degree.”

Polly Milsom
2020 Summer Intern

“I had the opportunity to intern in the Investment Strategy team at Record, where I worked on a project investigating hedge pressure in the FX options market. This was an amazing opportunity to learn in depth about a new and fascinating asset class, and I was impressed by the independence I was given to explore the concept. This meant I always felt challenged and had to think creatively everyday. Despite working remotely, I was also able to get a feel for everyday life at Record through attending morning passive management meetings, macro strategy discussions and teach-ins from different departments. I even managed to get involved with virtual fitness classes! It was great to meet people from across the firm, who were all exceptionally bright and interesting, but also very welcoming.”

In the last 5 years, 44% of ex-interns went on to be employed by Record.


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We provide ongoing support, training and development for everyone at all stages of their career.

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What we look for

We look for diverse people from all backgrounds and experience but there are some strengths that Record values most and these are key to being successful at Record.

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16% of records current employees were recruited via the internship pathway.

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