Welcome to Diversity & Inclusion at Record

We are committed to promoting equal opportunities for everyone at Record, and creating and maintaining a diverse workforce where every member feels included.

We believe that recognising what is unique about individuals and drawing on their different perspectives and experience will add value to the firm, our employees and our clients.


Promoting Equality

Key policies and procedures are in place to ensure equality in all areas of business and demonstrate our commitment to a non-discriminatory workplace. Record continues to provide equal opportunities by ensuring all recruitment processes are fair and are carried out objectively and systematically. We provide equal benefits, training and development for all staff and offer flexible working arrangements to support individuals with caregiving needs so that everyone has an equal chance to succeed.

We run our gender pay gap report each year in order to assess and achieve equal pay for women and recently, we have begun collecting ethnicity information from willing employees in order to assess equal pay for all ethnic groups.


Increasing Diversity and Fostering Inclusion

We understand the importance of accessing, recruiting and developing talent from a diverse pool of candidates, and we believe this will help us better understand and support our clients’ needs. Whilst it is important to create a workforce representative of different cultures and groups, it is just as important to ensure we have inclusive environment where everyone is comfortable being themselves and feels confident that they will be treated with respect and dignity.


Affinity Networks

Last year saw the inception of the idea, an assessment of interest and the first meetings of our new Gender Equality and Ethnic Diversity affinity networks. There was significant discussion surrounding membership, with unanimous support for open networks where anyone can take part in group meetings and events, though each group is led by employees who identify with the identity of the group being represented.

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10/03/2021 - Exploring the Impact of Micro-Aggressions

The Affinity Networks organised a company talk on ‘Exploring the Impact of Micro-Aggressions’. The session was ran by Dr Karla Benske from In-Equilibrium and covered what different types of micro-aggressions there are, how we can spot them, what impact they have and how to be an active bystander.

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