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If you have a currency challenge, we have the solution. We take the time to listen and understand your bespoke needs, and offer intelligent solutions.

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Active Currency Risk Management

Record's family of asymmetric hedging programs, designed to selectively and actively adjust currency exposure based on expected returns relative to base currency. Simultaneously reduce risk and improve expected returns from currency.

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Passive Currency Risk Management

Cost-conscious and operationally robust. Our symmetrical currency hedging programs reduce volatility in your overseas portfolios using a range of instrument and structures designed to fit your needs.

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Tenor Management

Ready to get your hedge working for you? Let us exploit FX market basis dislocations to enhance accruals and/or reduce costs of hedging.

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EM Risk Management

Owning EM assets can be both rewarding and risky. Let Record take care of the most volatile component of your EM investments - the currency. We employ a targeted risk management system that allows rewarded risk to run and acts swiftly when the going gets tough.

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Real Rates Hedging

Record has developed an innovative use of rates and inflation derivatives, in combination with currency hedging to enable client portfolios to better interact with underlying risks and value-add opportunities.

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Volatility Neutral Hedging

Record utilises advanced hedging capabilities to adjust intra-portfolio hedge ratios by currency so as to minimise costs whilst maintaining a desired quantum of volatility reduction.

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Research and Advisory

Best in class research and thought leadership. Focussed and experienced research teams dedicated to currency, rates, crypto, regulatory compliance and market evolution.

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